StarShipSofa Poem Reading!

My second reading for StarShipSofa is now up! Aural Delights #54! Thanks again to Tony, who puts together a most awesome show every week. 

If you’re listening via Itunes, click here.

For the rest of you who would like to listen via the mp3 link, you can go to SSS, and either click on the mp3 link under the big metal flying starship sofa, or utilize the player on the right hand column of the webpage. 

Aural Delights No 54 Joan D Vinge

Editorial: Tony C Smith 02:10

Poetry: Light Across An Impossible Lake by Mark Rich 09:00 — read by ME! 🙂

Flash Fiction: Hard Rain by Matthew Sanborn Smith 17:30

Fact: Arthur Gordon by Amy H Sturgis 16:30

The Sofanauts Awards: by Mark Bormann 30:15

Main Fiction: A View From A Height by Joan D Vinge 34:00

Narrators: Kate Baker, Julio Flavio, Diane Severson

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Time adds in show 01:44 and 07:34.

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