My StarShipSofa Narration Debut

I got up early this morning. It wasn’t the pink eye that was bothering me, nor the fact that I normally get up at this time to watch my son catch his bus. As soon as the red octagon slid back onto the side of the yellow bus and the sound of an engine dissipated, I went back to my computer and checked StarShipSofa.

Sure enough — my reading for Ted Kosmatka’s, Deadnauts was up!

Thank you Ted, for allowing me to read the story. I have to admit, I was having terrible trouble at the end only because I was so emotional. There were many moments I had to stop recording to regain my composure. Your writing allowed me to become her.

Thank you to Tony, who allowed me to read such a great piece for the Sofa and to share some great space with other features, authors and narrators! You rock.

Please go over and listen if you aren’t already and look for more things from me in the future. 🙂

Aural Delights #53: StarShipSofa

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