Next Time, Carve “Dumbass” Into Your Forehead

…but make sure you’re not looking into a mirror while you do it.

Me this morning to Pete: This Ashley Todd thing was totally staged.

Pete: Don’t get all conspiracy on this poor girl.

Me: I like how the ‘b’ is backwards, btw 😉

This afternoon, it was an admitted lie. There was something about the picture that struck me as odd. There is almost a half smile on her face. The artfully crafted and backwards ‘b’ not withstanding, she looks far too sedate after such a brutal attack. Also, if someone just got done carving initials into your face, why on Earth would you refuse medical treatment? Do you happen to like scarring or dirty blunt instruments digging through your skin?

I hope that ‘b’ stays with her for a very very long time in therapy.

P.S. Welcome CNN readers who have come here via the blog link. I’ve had a ton of hits so far, so thanks for reading. Feel free to look around the rest of the site and btw, be nice when you comment. I will break out the bat of moderation if you do not remain civil. 😉

20 thoughts on “Next Time, Carve “Dumbass” Into Your Forehead

  1. Did I really say:

    Don’t get all conspiracy on this poor girl.

    Haha. I mean, yes I said the content contained by the statement, but I have trouble believing I used those exact words.

  2. Susan says:

    I am so glad I was not the only one having those same thoughts this morning! Except that I also thought it was odd she was at an ATM and only took out $60 to give her ‘attacker’. Most 20 year olds just don’t use ATMs like that. Ever hear of debit cards and Point of Service? I had a feeling this was total BS. Pathetic and despicable.

  3. pallas says:

    Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all.

    Not Barack or Obama.

    You shoulda gone with the “O” carving Ashley. It would not have flipped on you and you mighta been the face that launched a million GOP votes.

    Back to the drawing board Rove. You got 10 days.

  4. clr33 says:

    Actually, it ended up being an Obama supporter trying to make McCain look bad. But McCain and Palin ignored the issue and did not comment on it, and their campaign denounced it as most likely a prank – so it isn’t something they are associated with…

    Nice try though Osama

  5. People are too hard on her. Did you ever think there may be something to the story. Perhaps it was a mysterious figure in black who did this deed. Perhaps it was Dyslexic Socialist Black Zorro

  6. Tommy says:

    I love how the media like CNN tries to tie this woman to the McCain campaign. Headline on CNN’s website says, “McCain backer made up attack, cops say”. Wow, they make her sound like Haliburton or somthing. If the media can make the ties of someone like this to McCain does that mean we can make the ties of Louis Farrakhan to Obama since they had Rev Wright in common.

  7. Kevin says:

    Ok Tommy, check out the Fox News website then… oh look, they’ve put up a giant picture of her in handcuffs, called her a McCain supporter, AND a liar. I’d say CNN is going relatively easy on her.

  8. Tommy,

    Kevin (8) definitely has a point. 🙂 It was also the Drudgereport which first hopped on the poor McCain staffer getting jumped by a big black Obama supporter. Now that she’s a lying crackpot, it’s only for the sake of continuity that she still be referred to as a McCain supporter. This was a political stunt, hence the political should remain. 🙂

  9. Tanya says:

    Tommy – I doubt you would have complained about the McCain ties when this story was given legitimacy on the evening news all over Pittsburgh. “Poor white girl for McCain victimized by a big, black Obamaphile in a politically motivated attack”. Nevermind that there weren’t enough facts to pave the enormous holes in her tale. This goes both ways …

  10. Vincent says:

    It’s scary when idiots like this can willingly lie so easily to spin the entire case around. It’s like republicans will lie their way out of any argument and believe they are lying on behalf of the greater good.
    ========Reply to============
    clr33 Wrote

    Actually, it ended up being an Obama supporter trying to make McCain look bad. But McCain and Palin ignored the issue and did not comment on it, and their campaign denounced it as most likely a prank – so it isn’t something they are associated with…

  11. What a loon! Couldn’t she have gone and gotten her ears pierced again or something? And it seems like either campaign could have spun it either way, and a compassionately worded message was forthcoming from both, so… twenty minutes of fame over.

    And Kate, nice new look. A little steampunky. I like it!

  12. Ron says:

    Calibri (Body)I’m just glad that all the dumbasses are coming from their side! What a stupid fool. The first time I saw the photo of that stupid ass I knew it was staged. Only in America. Hopefully Obama does win and then he can bring this whacked out republican up on stage to thank her in person. I can’t believe someone is that stupid. And she’s a student? Good thing Obama’s major campaign issue is education. Plus now the stupid stupid stupid uneducated fool is going to face criminal charges. I hope she and notices how STUPID SHE IS.

  13. Rebel Without A Pause says:

    From the last-ditch racists who brought you “Barrack The Socialist,” “Pit Bulls Wearing Lipstick On A M*****-F****’ Plane,” “Joe The Plumber,” and “Bey Buchanan Does Dallas” comes the latest muck-racking distraction from McCain/Palin Productions:


    Obama/Biden ‘08
    Because four more years of the last eight would really SUCK…

  14. Ellen says:

    The black eye and backwards B is going to be my Hallloween about scaryy! BTW the B stands for Bonkers.Reported that she gets things mixed up and cant remember stuff. Funny, though, that she “remembered” the big black man…..

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