The Wrong Priorities…

Sometimes I hear things when I’m out that just don’t seem to make a whole lot of sense. Tonight for example at my daughter’s open house:

“Due to the obesity epidemic plaguing American youth, we no longer allow cupcakes for birthday celebrations in class.”

Now — let me read you the lunch menu for this week:

Mama’s Elbow Pasta with Meat Sauce
Tasty Golden Corn Dog Nuggets w/ Potato Hashbrowns
Homestyle Three Cheese Pizza
Breaded Chicken Nuggets w/ Oven baked fries

What the flying fuck is wrong with people? Yes, curbing the cupcake epidemic is such a high priority in our schools that we’ve neglected to realize we’re stuffing our children’s faces with fried, breaded, starchy food in the lunch room.

Better grab those yummy green beans while you’re at it Junior. You’re going to need it when your stomach explodes from all the “healthy” going on.

Give me a fucking break.

4 thoughts on “The Wrong Priorities…

  1. In our school board, the kids don’t have the option of buying lunch.this is a foreign concept to least until High School. What is happening, at least in Bug’s class is that the teacher is giving “house league points” (the general school award system) for every fruit and veggie that the kids bring in for snacks or lunch. However, this in itself is flawed. My Bug is a VERY PICKY eater. I hide her fruits and veggies in things like chocolate cake. (no, I am not kidding. She would walk to the ends of the earth for my chocolate-beet cake, and has discovered that she really loves my “rustic cake” which is chocolate and pumpkin. She has peppers and mushrooms and all sorts of veggies that she would otherwise run from, hidden in sauces and gravy
    This rambling comment though was to point out that at the end of the week…the class reward from the teacher….Chocolate bars?! (WTF?)
    Now, while my slight little Bug currently has not weight or obesity issues, I have noticed that many of her classmates do….way to show them that food..and candy at that..can be an appropriate reward for things that they should be doing naturally.

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