From Here On Out…

The word, “change” uttered by any politician will hereby replaced with the word, “squash”.

Obama’s slogan will now be, “Squash we can believe in!”

McCain is now fighting for squash as well with Palin by his side!

The headline on will now read: “McCain, Obama campaigns grapple for squash!”

Not only is it more entertaining, but I really like the mental image it provides.

Anyone else sick of the word ‘change’ yet? Yes, we all want it, and frankly anything will be better than this lame duck administration. Everyone is going to get their wish on a mere technicality. What is not George Bush, would be different. 😉

4 thoughts on “From Here On Out…

  1. Vince says:

    McCain’s new campaign slogan is “Change is coming .” As you noted, yes it is. My question is, is it for the better, and how about some details. You know – specifics. That would be nice.

    And I prefer squash to zucchini, and sex to both (thanks Jeri!)

  2. This is only fun if your company is plagued by it.

    We have to fight with Sarbanes Oxley audits and controls at my workplace. We affectionately call it SOX, and it’s met with audible sighs of dread when it comes up every fall.

    I think we should start calling it SEX. Because then, you know, reactions would be very different.

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