The Gift of Forgiveness

There is something relieving about facing a fear. You can’t help but take in a deep breath and wonder the outcome, but I firmly believe that life is about plunging into the deepest waters of trust and love. This probably will not make sense to most of you out there without the back story, but I had an opportunity to right the wrongs, to re-live the past and to finally forgive before time ran out. If only I had the courage to do it sooner.

I have to say, it is one of the most freeing and emotionally intense situations you will ever experience. To forgive someone, is to live that moment  or moments that most wounded you in every way possible, once more, to make peace with the situation. To overcome it’s incredible power over you. It leaves you completely exhausted. Mentally tired and with the worst hangover that even a night settling in with a bottle of Jack Daniels can not match. You want to sleep, and yet, at the same time, you want to soar.

Think of a dove carrying such a weighted rock that she can not fly. Once she shakes that burden, her wings become unfurled and she takes off, finally free of the chains that once kept her tethered.

You know who you are…

Thank you. Thank you for finally uttering the words that set me free.

To the rest of you who read this with incredulous mirth… If time has afforded you the ability to right a wrong, or to dig deep into the consciousness that has held you back, take the opportunity and try to set things right. It is the most spiritual, relieving and wonderful thing you will ever experience. We are not meant to be caged in this life, so fly free.

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