Randomly Randomizing Random Randomness

How did you like that for a title, eh? 🙂

First things first, the article on WoW is forthcoming. I’ve been busy like, playing WoW and stuff. Jeebus.

Secondly, my CD writer shit the bed. Purchased a new one through Newegg. Got it yesterday and was surprised to see it was a SATA drive. Did not come with SATA cable. Irked. Went to Best Buy and purchased an overly expensive cable. Double dog irked. Power supply has SATA power, but computer as originally set-up does not meet length requirements for installation of aforementioned CD writer. Triple Lindy irked. Take entire computer apart, redo configuration, finally get everything where it all fits, turn it on and get the error: Can not find OS. Shit pants. Remember switching HDD Sata cable, switch a cable, everything works.


How is your day going? Mmmm?

PS. I am now a college student. Woo! More on that later.

8 thoughts on “Randomly Randomizing Random Randomness

  1. Cool! We will have to call each other and decide what to wear on the first day. But i expect you start back earlier than I do….that seems to be the norm in the school system.
    Whatcha taking?

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