Kate Must Learn…

…Just because she buys herself dieting goodies, such as 100 calorie mini carrot cakes, she can not eat all of them at once and still expect to lose weight. Excuses like; “Well, they are only 100 calories!” do not work in the long run.

Kate will not be buying yummy snacks anymore.

5 thoughts on “Kate Must Learn…

  1. Mr. Chris says:

    I’ve been there Kate. 2 years ago I had to take a private vow never to keep chips (diet or not) in my house. I just don’t have the will power. I hope you have better resolve.

  2. I’ve also decided I’d prefer a tiny portion of truly awesome, full-fat, full-sugar food – than a big portion of “lite” stuff. Of course, if I were good at portion control and ate without emotional issues, I wouldn’t be wearing plus sizes.. 😛 But that’s my philosophy, anyway.

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