Three Cheers for Pete!

He was one of the 24 students accepted into the high profile writer’s workshop: Viable Paradise. He’ll get to spend an entire week with the likes of some of the most influential people in science fiction/fantasy publishing. Oh, how I wish I could go! 😉

I always knew he could do it. If you haven’t visited Pete’s site before, take a look. He’s got some finished stories over there and both his commentary and interviews have been picked up by SFSignal. While he and I may lean a bit away from each other when it comes to politics, Pete is an extremely intelligent and talented man sure to go far once his stories are published. With VP, it might happen sooner than later. Here’s hoping!

Congrats Pete. Knock ’em dead.

3 thoughts on “Three Cheers for Pete!

  1. Woo hoo! If a friend of a friend was accepted – there’s hope for me someday. Of course, I gotta apply first. 😉

    Yeah Pete!

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