The Muppets Take On The World Wide Web…

…or just the American part.

There are some really cute ones too, as MRK pointed out.

I particularly like this one as well:

3 thoughts on “The Muppets Take On The World Wide Web…

  1. Mr. Chris says:

    I’m a big beaker fan myself. (Twas my first nickname when I entered the industry. Folks thought I was a bit high strung.) My favorite of this bunch is the first you’ve listed. I found it at on July 4 and thought about sending it to Pete but he seemed to be in a much more serious mood. Great find Kate.

  2. Vince says:

    I love the Muppets, and these are great vids. I own almost all the movies, and have all the available seasons of the original show. There pretty much isn’t a Muppet I don’t like, but I think Animal is my favorite.

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