I’m Constantly Amazed…

…at people who answer their business phones with a plain “hello.” A little panic button goes off immediately when that happens as if I ruined some little old crabby man’s day who couldn’t be bothered to answer his telephone because he was too busy watching Wheel of Fortune re-runs on the game show network.

Answer the damn line with something like; “Thanks for calling (Insert Business Name Here), (Insert your name here) speaking, how may I help you?”

Show the world you have some sense of cordial pleasantries or you’re not going to get my business. Yeah, town car service in Pennsylvania, I mean you.

One thought on “I’m Constantly Amazed…

  1. I don’t even work with John Q. and I answer the phone with “Fortune 500 Comapny, John the Scientist Speaking”. It’s a throwback from Japan, where I’d answer “Fortune 500 Kaisha de gozaimasu. John the Scientist desu”.

    One of the things I like about Japan is the rigidly enforced politeness and customer service.

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