I Heard The News Today, Oh Boy.

…and though the news was rather sad, I just had to laugh.

I don’t normally go on political rants here at Amnesia, only because usually it’s a topic I leave to people more experienced than I am in the field. Yet, the more news that came in about the banking industry and the economy made me shake in my skin.

Let’s take Bush’s most popular soundbite of the day, shall we? He was quoted as saying that our banking functions and facilities in the US are “basically okay.” Now, as an intelligent person, that description made me pause for a moment. I know that I am not the only one on the planet that understands the adverb in his sentence subtly hints at a bit of doubt.

Let’s deconstruct the following:

“The Hindenburg is glorious in her stature! The most brilliant dirigible the world has ever seen! She’s basically safe.”

Had that last sentence been used in any descriptions of the big hydrogen balloon, and had I been alive and wealthy in 1937; I would have probably stopped short of paying actual money to secure my transport to Lakehurst from Berlin; lest I became a crispy critter falling from the New Jersey sky.

What’s my point exactly? Well, the worst thing this administration could do for the people of this country is place GWB at the podium when we are suffering. I don’t know about you, but when we are failing so soundly as a democracy with institutions such as the Patriot Act, and our constitutional rights are eroding faster than the beaches we are swearing to protect, (I know, major run-on sentence there) this administration might as well be handing out flogs to further the suffering of its less-than-wealthy population. I cringe when anyone in our current government tries to smooth things over or make everything better by giving me back some of  my hard earned money to ultimately stimulate the failing economy.

So far, every time our great president has tried to strike down the reasonable fears of his general public, something else breaks and life for the hardest working Americans gets a little more bleak.

Let me ask you this:

The plane you are sitting on, has just been described as basically safe.

The bridge you are driving over has been declared as basically safe.

The car in which you’ve strapped-in your children has been certified by a mechanic as basically safe.

While this may be a comfort to apathetic people who are riding through life with blinders over their eyes, the smarter folk of the world take a step back and start weighing in the consequences and benefits of subjecting ourselves to scenarios which involve the word “basically”.

This is just yet another example as to why the international community must laugh at our country. We are constantly being represented by someone who can’t even grasp the language well enough to comfort his own people.

But don’t worry good people of the USA, we’ll be basically okay…

…aside from the poor who can’t afford a doctor. Or the middle class who are getting laid off at an alarming rate. Or the single mother who has to rely on government assistance once again because she can’t afford the rising food costs. Or the gay couples who want to adopt an orphan who would normally be raised in a dilapidated and degraded facility or the….

Get my point, now?

Furthermore, while I’m ranting; solutions for high gas prices shouldn’t be to open up off-shore and protected wild land drilling in Alaska. Hell, I almost threw a shoe through my TV when I saw the Chrysler commercial touting that they were “protecting me from high gas prices” by capping prices at the pump at $2.99 a gallon for 3 years if you buy an overly expensive and cheaply made vehicle.

Give me a fucking break.

Had Chrysler not built the huge ass gas guzzling behemoths, they wouldn’t have contributed to the problem we currently have. It is the rare person who actually stops to think about that. So while corporations that have continually made money off making this world a shittier place to live, tout green and environmentally friendly fixes to all of our biggest problems, lets all go ahead and stick another fattening french fry in our mouths and wallow in our ignorance and apathy when the good ole boy waddles up to the podium in a vain attempt to make us feel better with a concerned smirk on his face.

UGH! *steps off podium, kicks it, and stomps off in a disgusted huff*

6 thoughts on “I Heard The News Today, Oh Boy.

  1. R-nonymous says:

    Come see the Hindenburg memorial down here near lovely Lakehurst, NJ….also put all your money in gov’t securities. The markets are collapsing!

  2. Vince says:

    First, what a great rant – glad you joined the dark side 🙂 You are dead on target as far as I’m concerned.

    The bridge you are driving over has been declared as basically safe.

    I drove over the I35 bridge in Minneapolis coming home from vacation just two days before the collapse, and an acquaintance drove over it less than a minute before it collapsed. One of my brothers drove it to and from work every day, and fortunately was home already when it collapsed. Despite serious problems being found and documented for a number of years, the State figured the bridge was basically safe.

    So much for basically.

  3. Absolutely fabulous rant. I completely agree with you about further drilling and supporting an antiquated auto industry driving a gas-guzzling consumer market.

    Was WP 2.6 basically stable code? 😉

  4. badfun says:

    When I heard that I said to my self what is basically?


    in essence; at bottom or by one’s (or its) very nature; “He is basically dishonest”.

    The example is astounding!

  5. Dez says:

    I agree with you as well. I understand in part what the lame duck codger was attempting to do… in my humble opinion he was trying to ward off any threat of panic, lest negative perception of the banks and markets become reality. No one wants to relive the crash of 2001, much less the great crash that heralded the great depression. Basically he failed to instill confidence. Basically he failed to lend credibility. Basically we’re waiting for his administration to vacate the White House.

    Badfun is right, and the definition’s example is apt.

    My time in Iraq could have been summed up as: So long as I avoid IED’s, mortars, and small arms fire, I will be basically safe.

  6. Dez says:

    Whatever happened to the lessons we (I refer to a slightly older crowd) learned from the Energy Crisis during the Carter administration? It revolutionized the auto industry of its day, and made us more conscious of what we use and what we need. We were all gung-ho for alternative fuels and energy sources then… geothermal, hydro, wind, solar, ethanol, nuclear… even tidal energy. Short term gains and out of control greed have put us right back where we were 30 years ago… only worse. We’re much more dependent on foreign oil now than we were then… twice as much by some estimates.

    And what gets me too is the President’s notion that more drilling will reduce the cost of gas at the pump. What a load of bull. The problem hasn’t been the supply of oil, but its refinement (which is done here in the US by US oil companies). At the end of spring, speculators determined that US citizens were not going to drive or fly as much during summer due to fuel costs… and with reduced demand on fuel, prices should have dropped. But they didn’t. In fact they’ve been constantly rising. The refineries reduced production to match the slack in fuel usage, artificially keeping prices high. Summer reductions threatened to cut into oil company profits and these companies compounded the nation’s fuel shortage problems by dropping production to maintain their profits. I’m very conservative, but I’d love to see the federal government seize the holdings of Exxon-Mobil and others and bring them to heel… as Teddy Roosevelt did to J.P. Morgan and other industrialists. Rats… I’m going socialist.

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