Boom De Yada

I absolutely love this. I would rank it as one of my favorite commercials. I don’t know if it’s because I remember singing this song in elementary school, or the fact that Discovery is right, the world is an awesome place! If you haven’t seen it, watch this. You won’t be disappointed, even if you aren’t a DC addict as I so happen to claim.

The best part, is that it’s really a ‘thank you’ to both Momma Terra and the channel’s viewers without being pretentious.

Oh, and Mike Rowe. Mmmmm.


3 thoughts on “Boom De Yada

  1. Todd says:

    Yay, Mythbusters!! “I love a giant squid!” (It is lunchtime, after all.)

    This ad reminded me of one of my favorite nature shows of all time on DC, Planet Earth — the box set just came out and I’m getting it for me mum for Mother’s Day. What better gift can a kid give his mom than the world, after all? Especially when some of the footage is sooooooooo amazing.

    This commercial also reminded me of another reason why I loved Planet Earth — the music. A great commercial indeed; it also goes onto my favorites list! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I love the Discovery Channel anyway, and the commercial is fantastic. I especially love Mythbusters, and already have one compilation DVD set. It was a most excellent Christmas present.

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