Who needs Zombies…

…when you have the “Swing Wing”? Yes, now you can enjoy the toys of our grandfathers, with the newly enhanced “swing wing” that sucks out your braaaaaainnnnnsssss!

Thanks Gary for the linkatude.

3 thoughts on “Who needs Zombies…

  1. ellen says:

    funny, i don’t remember this fun toy from my childnood…
    i would love to have my brains sucked out with centrigugal force..
    we just had the pogo stick. mouse ears, hula hoops, and mr wizard stick to your tv set stuff
    it was awesome
    sorry we just gave you strawberry shortcake stuff

  2. mom says:

    oh yeah
    we got to play with cool stuff like MERCURY.
    we used to coat our silver rings with it and spill it my dads cellar and it used to run into the cracks of the concrete basement..
    now you know why i have problems with simple math and concepts like “are we alone in the universe”
    now you know

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